Why You Should Emphasize Original Content

Great website content can either come from your mind as a site owner or by hiring a professional digital marketer who understands search engine optimization (SEO). Without SEO techniques, it will be difficult to show up in search engines, which is the source of most internet traffic. Luckily, if you’re a good writer and know your niche, SEO will likely be baked into your writing organically.

What Google Wants

Always remember that Google is the internet’s biggest gatekeeper and decides which companies get high or low search rankings. High rankings go to sites that do what Google wants, which is to satisfy its users searching for specific content. A comprehensive site full of unique and valuable information has a much better shot at high rankings than a 5-page site full of mostly ads and duplicated content. r robots or cut corners on content quality.

Promoting Your Niche

One of the main “secrets” to a successful website is that the more you own a niche, the more likely you’ll get high rankings for your keywords. That means if you invent a product or service that has no competitors you will be in the driver’s seat to achieving high rankings, assuming there’s a demand.

Regardless of your niche, you have a chance to attract an audience by writing about unique aspects of the topic that can’t be found anywhere else. Sharing little known insights about your niche is the key to standing out as an expert on your topic. Google favors authoritative experts, not copycats.

Ideas for Developing Unique Content

  • interviews with niche experts
  • video demonstrations
  • history and future of the niche
  • identifying major players in the industry
  • giving tips on how to use the product efficiently


Make sure your web content is original as possible. Instead of looking at other sites for inspiration, look for what’s missing online then give it your audience. The more you emphasize unique content, the more search engines will help you find a unique audience.