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Search Engine Optimization is today a must-have if you want to get some customers thanks to your web presence.

Increase Your

Search Engine Optimization is a service that we offer to increase your rankings in search engine results page. Today the competition can be tough on specific key words and having a professional company that helps you deal with all that is definitely a relevant strategy. 

Increase your rankings
Tight budget

Tight Budget

We often tell our clients that if they have a $2,000 budget for their website it is better to allocate $1,000 on the web design and $1,000 on SEO. Because having a better $2,000 website which does not show up in search engine results is like throwing away 2,000 bucks. 

If you’re tight on budget it is almost always better to start with a lower quality website but with SEO service than starting with a Ferrari with no gas in it unless your website is for private usage. 

Calgary SEO Services with BeginwithB

Our SEO services in Calgary are assured to increase your rankings and traffic. As we guarantee top ranking it made us the best SEO Company in Calgary. Our SEO professionals can show you how rankings can boost your business and sales. 

Why Us


Our SEO strategies warrant that the money you spend is returned to you in the form of increased sales with respected clients or customers. Our SEO processes have helped many businesses grow.


Our highly modified, all-inclusive SEO services are planned to make your life easier. We guarantee that your SEO advisor is at hand at all times to support you with any SEO related questions you may have regarding changes or improvements to your strategy. 

Monthly Reports

We want you, as a business owner, to feel involved in your SEO strategy. This means being able to have 24/7 insight into the inner-workings of your SEO campaign, as well as providing you with monthly reports of your ranking increases so you can see exactly where your money is being spent.

Know How

By choosing BeginwithB for SEO of your website, you can assure that your SEO campaign is in the right hands. We aim to remain at the forefront of all the latest SEO, digital marketing and online advertising information to bring you the most cutting edge and effective techniques. 

– Our Calgary SEO Company Takes Your Rankings to the Next Level 

SEO rankings — are results of effective hard work and not a random matter. 

Our SEO Company had to go through a lot of things to understand the proper way of communication with the Search Engines. All the way to the top consists of five steps: 

  1. Website audit and profound SEO Analysis with Detailed Report 
  2. Keywords and semantic core creation
  3. Search Engine Optimization in Calgary 
  4. Website Promotion and Smart SEO 
  5. Website SEO support service 

Be AWARE of scam! Our rates reflects professional, manual and efficient optimization made by human beings! If some companies offer rates at less than CAD$100 per month, stay away as it’s impossible to do proper SEO at this price. Ask for a detail description of what they’re doing and monthly reports!

Our SEO include three kinds of services:


We choose the keywords you need to be ranked for, discuss the strategy we need to implement, set up social media pages that will help you get more traffic quickly, change the meta tags of your website to reflect your keywords strategy …


Your competitors tries to rank higher than you. This is the reason SEO has to be included in your monthly marketing budget to be really efficient. We will review each month your ranking position with respect to your competitors, reprocess your keywords strategy, build links to your website all over Internet, …


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the process of promoting and marketing a website through paid ads on search engines. Paid ads could be in the form of text ads, banner ads or video ads. Your campaign can be customized to target a particular location (city, region, country) or for a particular language search. Ad position is determined through an auction based on the ad’s relevance and the amount advertisers are willing to pay. Advertisers only pay when an ad is clicked. Begin with B Inc will recommend a monthly budget based on your goals. Budgets are flexible and can be adjusted at any time.

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