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Basically a CMS is simply a global Internet platform that allows any non-web-expert to edit and manage his content

Begin with B is a Calgary Content Management System (CMS) based websites developer. Depending on your requirements the most famous CMS in the market today is WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Laravel.

What is CMS? To explain it in basic term CMS stands for Content Management System, you can think of it as a toolbox that can be customized to fit and organize any tool you have in one place. This toolbox is expandable and as your requirements for new tools grow you can simply fit more new tools and fit it in the same toolbox without having to rebuild that box or making any major changes.

In software term CMS (Content Management System) is a highly scalable system. Once your website is built on this system you can always add more functionality to it without having to rebuild the entire website from scratch. For example, you have a limited budget for your initial website project, or you are just starting a new business and need a simple website to display your business to the world. You should always go with CMS based website as it is cost effective in both long and short term. CMS based websites also allows any non web-expert to edit and manage the website content by simply login to the graphical user Interface in the back end.

The Content Management System (CMS) based websites are so popular that today WordPress (which is the World’s most popular CMS) is occupying 54% of market share in the website market.

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Begin with B is a Calgary based WordPress developer. We breath WordPress, which means we are expert and have helped many businesses in realizing their website and web application projects using WordPress CMS.

Wordpress website development
Joomla website development


Joomla is a built-in flexible component, making content administration and maintenance very easy.

Joomla is another powerful but simple to manage Content Management System (CMS) we’ve ever worked with. It’s relatively simple to use and maintain for non web experts. Joomla community is huge and very active.



Drupal, though widely used throughout the Web is not as popular as the two above mentioned Content Management Systems. Part of it probably comes from its steeper learning curve.

Drupal website development

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