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Basically a CMS is simply a global Internet platform that allows any non-web-expert to edit and manage his content

Thanks to CMS, the old days of complex coding are gone. Technology has done a lot to provide non-web users the facility to develop a simple website using content management systems like WordPress. Using this software means that they will do all the coding for you, allowing you to create, manage and edit the website content as you want. 

Control Managements systems CMS helps you create an enchanting website providing security and scalability along with all the incredible tools. CMS software enables you to create content that can be published on the internet, and that’s too without writing any code. Along with many other advantages, it allows you to add more functionality anytime per your requirement. If you are new in the business world and have a limited budget, CMS software is the best choice. CMS-based websites facilitate any non-web expert to remodel and manage the website content by simply logging in to the graphical user interface in the back end.

CMS benefits can be listed in few points;

  • Hassle-free publishing of content
  • Posts can be scheduled so you can pre-set the time of publishing
  • Suitable for startups and leading companies equally
  • Cost-effective website maintenance
  • Easy customization

Begin with B at Calgary specializes in website development primarily based on Content Management systems (CMS). We use the most famous platforms available in markets like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, and Laravel according to customers’ needs and requirements.  



The simplest of all, CMS’s most popular and high-rated software is WordPress. It is open-source and 100% free to use. Almost half of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. 

WordPress features;

  • Offers flexibility
  • Freedom to design any website
  • No technical skills needed
  • Enable users to download the content in XML format
  • Numerous publishing tools
  • SEO-friendly
  • Ideal for beginners and developers both
  • Supportive community

Begin with B WordPress services:

Our outstanding team comprises the best WordPress designers in Calgary. They have been providing WordPress services and projects at the level of excellence for a long time. Our WordPress team not only provides hosting and maintenance services, but they also excel in security services for WordPress-based websites.  

Wordpress website development
Drupal website development


Drupal is another advanced and leading open-source content management system CMS that helps high customization according to the requirements of client’s projects. It can efficiently manage heavy data, which is best suited for educational institutions. 

Drupal’s features;

  • Offers flexible customization
  • Users can add modules to sites
  • Built-in user management system
  • Page content management
  • Robust taxonomy capability

Begin with B Drupal’s services:

Like WordPress, we provide a wide array of Drupal services, including web designing, hosting, and maintenance. Besides, we also offer security services for Drupal-based websites.



According to the IT experts, Joomla ranks between WordPress and Drupal in terms of complexity. This widely used CMS system is open-source with a pervasive and active community. It specifically helps to keep track of all your published content on the internet. Joomla also allows users to create and manage content especially suitable for the entertainment industry.


  • CMS management
  • Media management
  • Flexible and easy to edit software
  • Supportive community

Begin with B Joomla services:

We have a dedicated team of Joomla at Calgary that is an expert in website development, web hosting, and web maintenance. We also provide security services for Joomla-based websites. 

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