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Emeka OgambaEmeka Ogamba
18:01 20 Aug 21
Great design. Job came out good and as expected.
Rufus AyamRufus Ayam
00:01 19 Feb 21
Together and stronger
Donald Den HoedDonald Den Hoed
23:32 17 Jan 21
My experience with Begin with BwB has been outstanding - after initially hiring them to design a website update, I have since hired them for all of the hosting and site management needs of our project. I vastly prefer working with them over the "big box" web hosting company I used previously - BwB may be small, but their quality and capability is enormous.Shahid and the team are very responsive - generally addressing issues within 24 hours and always immediately asking for clarification if they need to. They have a great sense of user experience and were able to pull together complicated elements into a cohesive website. They are always available and are patient with my questions, and their service is fairly priced and extremely good value.
Hannah ChernosHannah Chernos
17:10 10 Aug 20
Begin with B created my website and business card concept/design for my small law firm. They provided their services at a far more reasonable cost than competitors. The deliverables were completed in a timely manner, and I was contacted for feedback at each stage. Any feedback I gave was then implemented within a few days. They were great at staying in touch and keeping me posted with progress, and paid attention to what was most important to me. Overall, I am very happy with my site, my logo, and my cards, and look forward to keep working with Begin with B.
Our non-profit organization has been working with Begin with B for 2 years now. Our experience couldn't be better. The team is extremely efficient, professional, provides excellent service to us, keeps deadlines and their expertise has helped us chose the right tools in our website project. Highly recommend this company. Thank you for your work guys!
16:51 18 Dec 19
Shahid and his Team at Begin with B are professional, courtesy, and not afraid to ask questions to ensure that you’re getting the website you want. Great communication skills and, the speediness and efficiency of Begin with B was astonishing. We must also praise their patience with our millions of emails, screen shots and flip flopping on ideas. In the end we could not be more pleased with our website and Begin with B. Great work, looking forward to when we need updates and we can work together again!
Simon NashSimon Nash
15:30 01 Feb 19
We were a little cautious before engaging with a other web company after our WordPress site needed a few fixes. We didn't know whether the work would be a minor or a major job, and to honest after diagnosing the issue we would have believed the latter based on what was happening with the site. However Begin with B were professional, courteous and not only fixed the site in good time, the final cost came in lower than their initial quote to fix the job, which was very reasonable in the first place. Thanks so much Shahid and Begin with B! You are everything and more from what we want in a web company.
John BakerJohn Baker
20:17 05 Jun 15
Bruno and his team are very knowledgeable in all aspects of web development and only have your best interest in mind when working on a project. Bruno is continually educating himself and is able to solve any website issues. His team is able to deliver a prompt and a reliable service. What a great web design company to work with!

Hackers are everywhere. According to internet live stats, millions of websites are hacked every day. They often reach out to websites through brute-force attacks (cracking users’ passwords) and software vulnerabilities (code injection and malware). They may attack your website for profitable or nonprofitable reasons. The appearance of unfamiliar documents, foreign code, or continuous redirecting is some of the signs of a hacked website. 

A hacked website puts your reputation at risk and exposes confidential data. If you recover your website, it is likely to be hacked again if not made threat-proof. Therefore, we strongly suggest not only cleaning your website but adding additional security to be on the safe side in future. Our experts have repaired countless websites, and we proclaim to restore your site in the minimum possible time.

Malware removal at Begin with B:

If you are searching for a professional team of experts to remove malware from your website, we are the best at it. Our malware removal service and solutions will timely clean your website and restore all your data. Begin with B offers complete security solutions to secure you from further cyber-attacks.

Risks posed by hacked websites:

  • Personal data theft, including banking data and email
  • Financial loss.
  • sending out spam
  • sending the website visitors to other sites
  • spreading viruses to user computers and stealing their data
  • hacking websites of other owners

Our Clean Hacked-Website and Virus removal Service Includes:

    • Elimination of the malware: A thorough scan of all the files available on your website to identify any malicious code. As soon as the code is detected, it is removed most appropriately. 
    • Backup: If the hacking results in losing your files, they are restored from backups. 
    • Adding more security: It helps keep it safe from further hacking. If necessary, website software is also updated to improve safety. 
  • Activating operability. 
  • Re-submitting to Google for a re-crawl if required.

Future security:

We help Preventing Malware Attacks by; 

  • Blocking targeted attacks
  • Malicious bots’ protection
  • Locking the back door

Are you looking for experts to get your website fixed? For a threat-proof website ever, please send us a quote now.

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