Frequently Asked

What if this beautiful website cannot attract customers?
Seeing competition increasingly rise in the web development business, we have decided not to provide one or two services in a small domain but to get you, our client, the whole package on one platform. We have hired the best designers, engineers and developers to do this. They could genuinely satisfy your taste in achieving the best in your business. In case of any problem, our team of highly trained professionals would solve your problem in a well-mannered and discrete way.

Whenever a user comes on any website or page, that user is viewing your items or whatever services or goods you have displayed. So, if your website is not user-friendly or lagging, the user will probably not go further or interact with your site anymore. Your conversion rate will reduce, and your business might close down. To compensate for that, you need a proper web designer and developer. They will monitor your website to create an excellent first impression on your audience, which will, as a result, increase your conversion rate.

It will depend upon you what kind of website you require. It could be a custom website or a standard website. Whatever you are interested in, our team will keep in contact with you at all times so your interest can be kept in view. Moving along to increase traffic and conversions, our team will provide professional marketing techniques such as SEO (Search engine optimizations) and content marketing. Whether it is a brand or website, our website will notify you of the progress made so that you can rest assured.

It depends on the site the developer is trying to make. It could take one month, but a large, full-fledged, complex website would take 5 to 6 months. Now that the developer has been tasked with making a custom website, 5 to 6 months is the minimum. Similarly, it depends upon the pages. Fifteen pages are small work that can be done in about a month and a half. At the same time, above 75 pages are websites on a large scale and could need up to 6 months.
The answer to that question is yes. However, considerable changes that may or may not be helpful might occur. If you want to redesign your website to be better, then first determine what you want to be new and draw the series of changes you want. Redesigning your website might affect your SEO. If it is done probably, it could boost the traffic on your site or page, but if any error occurs, it could decrease your SEO and thus your business.
Definitely. In today’s fast-moving environment and the world, almost everyone uses mobile phones, and nearly 80% of people use mobile phones to make in-app purchases. Our goal is to help people have a smooth experience in their everyday life so that it is easier and more accessible for them to achieve their goals. Whether it is android or iOS, or any other operating system, we will take care of the development part so your business can flourish.
Most companies/web designers only provide specific templates for a website where your choice is minimized. “Begin with B” provides different categories where one could choose templates in standard websites. Similarly, there is an option for a custom website where you control how your site should look. There is also a section for non-profit organizations. our team help our customers by educating and using project management processes to minimize problems and the cost for such a project while establishing CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
In any company, keeping a track record of all the information is necessary. In today’s modern age of technology, writing down everything on paper and keeping a record of it can be a bit of an inconvenience. So, whether it is health-related, education, media or e-commerce or any other domain, “Begin with B” is ready to provide the best web and mobile application development services that will give your audience a smooth, customized and user-friendly interface.
A website may, over time, show problems in its working process. For that, different companies provide maintenance services in different monthly packages. “Begin with B” already offers additional services along with maintenance services so that customers already benefiting from our services could use our monthly packages instead of going outside and searching for new services. “Begin with B” is one of the few companies which provide so many benefits in a single platform along with significantly affordable costs for developing companies.
Websites, apps and other systems are always likely to get some kind of attack from humans or bots in the form of hackers and viruses. So, if you are getting strange messages on your interface or browser telling your users to stay away from this site, then it must be solved immediately before any action is taken against your site or even some content is leaked. Well, you are lucky as “Begin with B” provides such services where your website can be cleaned up, monitored or de-hacked within 24 hours.