Why Do You Need Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful online tool that is free to use to help you in growing and establishing your business. It provides detailed information on customer data, sales data and marketing data that you need. Continue reading below to learn more about why you need Google Analytics in your business.

1. Better Understand Your Customers

Google Analytics can provide valuable information about your customers and how much they enjoy the online experience you offer through social media and your website. It will help you to understand the audience you are reaching as well to continue reaching that audience by defining the devices utilized, age, interests of your customers, the languages utilized and the location of the customers when they were browsing your site. Once you understand your customers, you will know the specific content to post in order to best reach this same target audience to further grow your business.

2. Understand What Type of Content Does Best

Google Analytics will help you in understanding what types of content reach customers best both through social media and through your website. This will analyze how many clicks each type of content received, how many comments and shares were received and how many new individuals utilized the content. The content analyzed can involve social media posts, call-to-action buttons, web links, blogs and even videos. Continue utilizing the types of content that receive significant data and leads, and consider changing or neglecting the types of content that do not receive a good following.

3. Helps in the Importance of SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, assists your company in being found in search results. When utilizing keywords and other SEO features, you are more likely to show up in Google search results through your social media sites, blogs or website. When using Google Analytics to understand the type of people you are reaching through specific types of content, you can utilize SEO to create targeted information. Google Analytics also has the ability to allow you to understand what your customers specifically searched to help to address their search concerns in the future.

Google Analytics is truly a powerful tool that can greatly benefit your business. It has the ability to assist you in understanding your customers and content in a new way. You can then set up your website and social media pages to utilize SEO in the best way possible.