Why User Experience Design (UX Design) Is Important for Your Business

User experience design (UX design) is all the rage nowadays, but what exactly is it? Put simply, user experience is all about how users feel when interacting with your website, app, or product. It transcends aesthetics and emphasizes the ease with which users can accomplish their desired outcomes. Ultimately, the goal of UX design is to create smooth, helpful, and positive user experiences that leave long-lasting impressions and drive conversions. But why should it matter to YOU? Here are four reasons why user experience design is important for your business.

UX Design is About Your Audience

Having the best-looking website in the world won’t do much if your users find it had to use. Whether designing a new site or revamping your old one, it’s extremely easy to focus purely on new additions and forget about the actual users. You get so caught up in what you think your website should do that you prioritize adding new content and functions over what your users really want. User experience design is all about keeping your users front and center. It’s about designing a website that’s aesthetically appealing, functional, and fulfills user needs. In turn, a website optimized for UX creates positive user experiences that keep those users loyal to your brand.

UX Design Benefits SEO

Back in 2020, Google announced the release of a new ranking signal that measures aspects of how users interact with web pages. This makes sense since Google’s key to success is the positive user experience it provides through the sites it recommends. Expected to go live sometime this year, the Google Page Experience Update will consider experience metrics, like average time spent on page and navigation behaviors, to judge website UX and rank sites against the competition. In other words, user experience is now becoming a key part of SEO.

User Experience Builds Trust and Credibility

Whether it’s to purchase something, request a service, or simply educate themselves, it’s no secret that people research before trusting a business. And with all the different choices at their fingertips, people naturally tend to go with the most intuitive sites they find. Designing a site that’s optimized for user experience helps users easily find and engage with the content they’re looking for and the easier a site is to use, the more it is to be trusted — simple. Over time, this increased user trust builds credibility which both attracts more users and increases the likelihood of them turning into paying customers. 

User Experience Helps Your Site Convert

No matter whether you’re in B2B or operate an online store, user experience influences the way your users perceive your site and business as a whole. Through a combination of SEO, trust, credibility, and more, user experience design makes it easier for users to make their own choices based on their personal needs and preferences. That is, websites designed with user experience in mind (and thus easier to use) are much more likely to attract conversions than those that aren’t.

The bottom line is that all websites have their purpose. Whether it’s to attract leads, generate income, or educate consumers, UX design plays a crucial role in achieving that purpose. Contact Begin with B today to find out more about how we incorporate UX design into each website and app we create.