How to Choose a Strong Secure Password

Digitization in today’s world impacts almost everything we do. Our businesses, work, and social media accounts are now at risk of attack. You need to choose a strong and secure password to keep all your valuable information safe. Below are tips on how to choose a strong password.

The Longer the Password, the Stronger it is

The standard recommendation is 8 to 10 characters length but, you can go as far as 14 to 20. A long password acts as a strategy to protect against brute force attacks. The long passwords discourage the hackers as they may give in their quest after getting tired of guessing. Use the most character limit when using sites with limited characters for passwords. However, ensure your password is easy to type and remember.

Be Unpredictable in Your Choice of Password

It is crucial to choose passwords that someone cannot guess. Unpredictability protects you from hackers and cyber bullies who may have some information about you. Avoid using familiar events and names such as your birthdays or your family members names. Also, avoid choosing words from the dictionary as they are the easiest to crack. You can add some modifications to the names if it is necessary for you to use them.

Have Different Passwords for Each Account

It is now possible for you to have more than two accounts in most log in sites. You may prefer using the same password because of the ease in remembering the password. The habit may cost you because if one hacks the password for one account, the hacker gets to the others as well. Using different passwords for each account acts as a risk management strategy.

Use a Variety of Characters

A standard keyboard contains about 96 different characters. Take advantage and combine the different letters to secure your password. One way you can become creative is by mixing the upper case and the lower-case letters. You can mix the alphabetical words with the symbols, space bar and punctuation marks. It is now easy to add emojis which is advancement in building a strong password. Combining and creating a password with varied characters makes it hard for a hacker to crack.

Choosing a strong and secure password that will never be penetrated is easy when you know where the trick lies.