How a Website Redesign Can Revitalize Your Business

Of the billion websites worldwide, only two out of ten are actually active. A lot of businesses are content just putting their presence online. But especially with how competitive the online space has gotten, this is simply not enough anymore. It’s time that you break the mould and step things up.

Remember that your website is usually the first interaction a customer will have with your business, so having a poorly made one will make them want to leave. There are so many others to consider, after all. So, having a great website also means that you’re valuing your customers.

Here’s everything you need to know for a successful website redesign.

Your Outdated Website is Killing Your Business

You’ll need that good enough mindset when it comes to your website. If you visit a clunky and ugly website, it scares you away, right? It’s even more disappointing if you were initially impressed with their ad, only to be led to a brand well behind the trends and stuck in the Stone Age.

An outdated website isn’t just an eyesore, either, because it steers away potential customers. For instance, your bounce rate measures how many visitors leave after viewing only a single page of your website. You don’t want a high bounce rate because a great website experience (low bounce rate) usually results in four times as many leads.

An outdated website also has high-security risks since it’s not patched and updated regularly. This can make your website way more vulnerable to possible cyberattacks and data breaches, which is why many customers also feel a sense of distrust when seeing a poorly made website.

Why Redesigning a Website is Worth It

If you feel like your online presence needs some TLC, refreshing your website can definitely help. Think of this as more like applying a fresh coat of paint, focusing on minor tweaks to your already existing design.

But if you need a major overhaul, a website redesign is the way to go. A redesign basically reimagines your site’s structure, design, and functionality. Everything’s changed, and we want it to have the maximum possible impact.

This is clearly a much more serious undertaking, but a website redesign pays off if you have to.

Improves the User Experience (UX)

Out with the physical outlets andinwith the digital store. Your website is a shop where customers can browse around. Prioritizing a modern and user-friendly website means paying attention to the user experience.

With a website redesign, ensure your site is easy to navigate for everyone, especially for people with disabilities. This also makes things easier for customers to engage with your products and services. It’s a win-win.

Enhances Visual Appeal

First impressions matter. And your website’s design will set the tone for your visitors’ perceptions of your brand.

From the colour of your website to the photos you choose, you can be up-to-date with a website redesign. The redesign process typically includes modernizing design elements like the website layout, typography, palette, and graphics. The competition is tough, so strong visual appeal helps you stand out

Strengthens Your Brand

Brand identity shapes how your business is perceived by customers—your website plays a big part in that. Because of how visual a website is, it can be easily maximized to represent your brand. But so many ignore this untapped potential.

A website redesign shows off the personality of your brand. Aside from the visual elements, you can communicate more deeply how your brand should feel and speak to your audience. Tell a story and redefine your brand messaging. With this, you can form stronger connections with your audience and even build brand loyalty over time.

Better SEO Performance

No matter how great your website is, you’re missing out if no one actually sees it. Optimize your online presence with a website redesign. This is important because applying SEO techniques to your website will rank higher on search engines.

It’s quite the task, involving many things, from keyword optimization and meta tags to how mobile-friendly it is and maximizing website speed. Every aspect is fine-tuned to enhance your website’s searchability and drive organic traffic.

Upgraded Cybersecurity

The average website gets around 94 attacks a day. This is how vicious and relentless cyber attackers are. And having a bad website doesn’t do you any favours.

A website redesign should be able to strengthen your site’s defences by implementing robust security protocols, SSL encryption, and keeping up with regular software updates. Your website will be protected from hackers and your customers can feel confident using your brand.

Begin With B to Get Rid of Website Redesign Woes

Your website should be considered an investment rather than just a way to be seen online. A great website redesign can make all the difference in getting new customers while still retaining the ones you already have – who will enjoy your brand even more for it.

The possibilities of a redesign are endless, but it can also be totally overwhelming. With the range of web design services offered by Begin With B, you don’t have to start from square one. Are you a start-up with a limited budget or a bigger company? Regardless, we’ll be more than happy to serve you with a price that fits your budget.

Our web designers, with over 17 years of expertise in UI/UX design, are ready to take your call. Contact us today and let’s start revving up your online presence!