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Calgary Website for Mobile

Calgary Mobile Website

Have you read the stats? In May 2012, 10% of the worlwide web browsing comes from mobile phones. This percentage is constantly growing. And it is growing fast. In 2015, forecasts are that more than half of Internet users will visit your website from a mobile phone.

Don't wait! You better get your website mobile-ready right away. What does that mean? It's just mean the layout of your website information has to be adapted to mobile phone smaller screens. Whether you're accessing websites from an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy, an HTC or any other handhelds you may have noticed than some websites are super easy to read (they are mobile-ready) and some aren't: you have to constantly zoom in, zoom out and scroll laterally. If you're website is not mobile-ready you may then lose some potentials customers who found it hard to navigate on your website.

Begin with B Inc will help you customize your site so that it appears perfectly fine on handheld devices. Please check our very affordable rates to transform your desktop website into a mobile-ready website (without of course changing the layout for desktop/laptop viewing).