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Basically a CMS is simply a global Internet platform that allows any non-web-expert to edit and manage his content

Yes it’s possible! How do we achieve this? We serialize the sales and the project management process, that’s it … By minimizing uncertainty and educating our customers we then minimize the risk of having issues and misunderstandings during the development. Believe us, you pay for this in any other web design company. We can therefore control our cost and consequently offer more affordable web design than any of our competitors with a professional result. The good thing is: you are completely controlling the development of the site. Everything is custom and “home-made” by real web developers (no robots or algorithms that will understand half of what you want), you can make us change what you want by explaining your need in “proper” English.

Only skill you need to work with us is being able to explain and type your ideas on a Word document … We believe that’s worth the try!

Features Including In Our Websites

Professional Graphic Design

Your site won’t look amateurish like most of the sites you can get for this price. To get an idea of the graphic design quality you can get, please have a look at our portoflio.

Mobile Friendly

With an increasing usage of the smartphones nowadays, it is extremely important that your visitors can access your site and read it properly on any handhelds including tablets. Using what is called “responsive” design is today a must-have for your website.

Our process does include mobile-friendly design.

CMS Based (editable)

A CMS (Content Management System) lets you control the content of your site. We do include in our service custom Youtube video training so that you can manage the content yourself once the site has been handed out to you.

Please check our YouTube channel to see what kind of video tutorial we do (some of them might be in French as we have some French clients!).

Open Source

The code of your site WILL BE accessible by any web design expert as long as you provide them with the access codes. It means if your website grows, any web developer will be able to work on it and do whatever they want. It is a huge advantage compared to lots of solutions out there where you can’t modify the code.

It means as well you are not stuck with us. You can hire any web design company down the road to work on your web site if you’re not satisfied with our services.


You will get full access to your site: cPanel, FTP, CMS admin (barbarian words really helpful for a webmaster or a web design company!) so you will be able to transfer and move the site to another location at any time. You’re not stuck with us once the site is done as it is the case for most web design or hosting companies that provide “kind of” automated affordable solutions.

No Monthly Fees

Most of the web design companies offering monthly fees let you believe that you will get a website for only $499 but they actually charge you $49 a month to maintain the site … So after two years, the site had cost you $1675 and after 5 years … well you do the maths.

We won’t charge you a penny to keep your site running once the site is done. We will only charge you $150/year “Hosting fees” as we need to pay a hosting server ourselves. And hosting your site with us is optional: you can subscribe a hosting plan directly to a hosting company and provides us with the credentials.

Of course there can be maintenance fees down the road but it is optional and totally up to you. You can even hire another company to do the maintenance if you want to as you will have full access to your hosting server.


Having a website is good! Being found on Search Engines by your customers is even better!

There are lots of parameters to be taken into account when we talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The solution we choose for your website technically allows SEO experts to tweak any of these parameters. It might sound obvious but this is unfortunately not the case for numerous non open-source solution out there that locks some of those important parameters.

We want to draw your attention though to the fact that this does not mean you will be on the first page of Google. Ranking on the first page of the main Search Engines is not an easy task, specially in a competitive market. We can provide professional and dedicated SEO services when we create the website OR down the road if you want to. Click here to know more about our SEO packages.

Is There Any Limitations/Restrictions To Get Such A Low Price?

Let's be honest of course there is ;). Like any other industry, there's no such thing as miracle in web design! We like transparency so limitations of our services are clearly explained below:

Features Included in this Price

At this price we won’t build a 200 pages e-commerce website with an event management system … Sorry! The features included in this base price which are totally upgradable (a full quote simulation is available here) are as follow:

  • Professional design
  • 10 pages maximum
  • Plain text and images
  • Home page slideshow
  • 1 simple contact form only (contact fields not customizable)
  • 1 revision only (it means you can change your mind once during the development process)
  • Custom video tutorials to teach you how to use your site. You can find some examples on our YouTube channel (some of our video may be in French).

So what if you need more pages or extra fancy features? No worries we offer you the option to add extra pages or features you’d like at competitive rates. Some of the common extra features and associated prices are detailed on the next page in the quote simulation or you can access it right there to get a quick idea of your website price.

No Cocooning, You're Grown up!

Indeed at this price, we assume that:

  • you know how to handle a Word document and you can send emails with attachment
  • you already have an idea of the content you want to put in your website and how you want to organize it
  • you know how to download documents from a website and save them on a computer
  • you know how to rename files and sort them in folders/subfolders in your computer
  • you don’t mind having us on the phone or on video conference instead of meeting in person

If you think you have an issue with any of the bullet points above, then you want to check our other web design rates where we’ll provide a more customized approach.

You'll have to do your homework

First of all, our concept is quite ambitious. If you’ve never have any experience with the way a website is built, there’re few stuff you need to learn. We try to make this as easy as possible by breaking down all the steps in the next page. However it is really important you take the time to read everything carefully.

The way we achieve professional website result at such a price is because everything you can do yourself will have to be done by yourself. It’s a learning and an educational process for you too. We focus on the graphics and technical aspect of the development, what we’re really good at and where you need our expertise. We’ll ask you during the building process to fill in some documents and send us some information to facilitate the website development. No worries we explain everything in details on the next page.

In any case, this time will have to be spent by you whatever the web design company you pick. You can’t let someone else take care of what you want to showcase in your website as you are the one who knows your business/organization.

Preparing the information we need will take you probably a bit of your time. But it will make you save couple thousands of dollars so we think it’s worth it! Make sure you’re comfortable, that you’re in good mood and then … jump in!

We won't meet physically

Not that we don’t want to but at this price, we’re sorry but we can’t meet “physically” in person for your project. It would be impossible to keep prices that low otherwise with the travel time involved.

However we are available during business hours for a phone call (+1.403.536.9877) or for a video conference on Skype so that you can see we’re real people ;). And there’s always the ol’ good email to communicate!

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