5 Reasons Why Your Website Copy is Important

Website copy can make or break a site and is one of the most versatile tools any business owner can take advantage of to achieve a wide range of online goals. However, many business owners make the unfortunate mistake of splashing out on a gorgeous website design only to skimp out on their web content, often left wondering why their expensive site isn’t converting.

No matter how elaborate or modern your website’s design may be, design alone will never be enough to convince prospective customers to choose you over competitors. To succeed in the online world, you need quality web copy that engages website visitors and sells — there’s no way around it.

Still not convinced? Check out our 5 reasons why your website copy is important:

Web Copy is an Essential Part of SEO

Well-crafted web content is at the heart of most modern SEO strategies and for good reason. Not only does it help your customers find what they’re looking for, but also helps search engines find your site and determine its importance. Regularly publishing original copy can help boost your site’s search engine page rankings, thus attracting more visitors. And more visitors mean more sales. Simple, right? What’s more, if you neglect to add valuable web copy to your site you could risk losing precious rankings and customers to competitors who take their content more seriously.

Web Copy Makes You Look Professional

Succeeding online isn’t just about having the best search engine rankings or offering the best product. When a visitor lands on your site you only have a few seconds to convince them why you’re the best. And how do you go about doing that? You guessed it… Web copy! Well-written copy can help site visitors understand exactly who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you over others. In other words, it helps you stand out from the competition and can be used to effectively communicate your professionalism.

Web Copy Converts Prospects into Customers

In addition to your professionalism, informative web copy can help prospective customers better understand why they need what you’re offering. When it comes to converting customers and generating revenue, publishing appealing content is just as important as having a responsive and intuitive design, and it’s one of the many factors that can affect how well (or how badly!) your site converts.

Web Copy Highlights Benefits

The need to highlight every single feature and aspect of the product or service on offer is understandable, but most visitors simply aren’t interested. Consumers in general only care about how your offer can benefit them or solve their problems, and this is where you can leverage web copy to quickly summarize your offer’s different features into specific benefits — keeping visitors engaged and less likely to click away from your site.

Web Copy is Shareable

The power of social media sharing is no secret. Even though links to product or service pages certainly can be shared, site visitors are much more likely to want to share engaging content. This can dramatically increase your company’s brand reach and have a significant impact on web traffic.

Whether you’re planning a new site or revamping your existing one, don’t take web copy for granted. While it may take a while to fully reap the benefits of web content, any high-quality copy you publish can and will reward you in the long run. Connect with Begin with B today to find out more about the impact effective web content can have when combined with solid web design.