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First of all, our concept is quite ambitious. If you've never have any experience with the way a website is built, there're few stuff you need to learn. We try to make this as easy as possible by breaking down all the steps in the next page. However it is really important you take the time to read everything carefully.

The way we achieve professional website result at such a price is because everything you can do yourself will have to be done by yourself. It's a learning and an educational process for you too. We focus on the graphics and technical aspect of the development, what we're really good at and where you need our expertise. We'll ask you during the building process to fill in some documents and send us some information to facilitate the website development. No worries we explain everything in details on the next page.

In any case, this time will have to be spent by you whatever the web design company you pick. You can't let someone else take care of what you want to showcase in your website as you are the one who knows your business/organization.

Preparing the information we need will take you probably a bit of your time. But it will make you save couple thousands of dollars so we think it's worth it! Make sure you're comfortable, that you're in good mood and then ... jump in!