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Question 1. My current web designer does not want to provide the access for my site. Is it legal?

It all depends what's mentioned on your contract. Most of the times, if you paid for your site you should be the legal owner of the site and therefore you should have full access to it.
With Begin with B Inc, you get all the acces you need as soon as the final payment has been made. Begin with B Inc will provide anything you need to manage your site: FTP credentials, superadmin CMS credentials, database access ... Depending on the hosting solutions you've choosed from, Begin with B Inc might be able to provide also full access to the control panel of your hosting plan, allowing you to manage your database users, FTP users, email addresses, domain management and much more.

Question 2. Where are physically hosted the websites designed by Begin with B Inc?

There's no straight answer to that. You might come to Begin with B Inc with your own server and we can develop the website directly on your server. If you don't have any hosting plan we'll advise you depending on your website needs. Most of the time for small website, a shared-hosting plan is enough and you can have that for a reasonable budget. Two hosting companies widely used by Begin with B Inc for shared hosting plan are and

Question 3. Are my data/web site secured when hosted with Begin with B Inc?

If your web site is hosted on your own server then you're fully in charge of the backup of your site. If Begin with B Inc provides the hosting we do not guarantee any data loss/corruption. However we used high-end hosting companies that are extremely reliable and we do backup on a regular basis of the site we have in charge. So far we never experienced any data loss/corruption.

Question 4. How do Begin with B Inc charge its customer? Is it an hourly rate? A flat fee?

We have several rates for several services.
Most of the time it will depend on your budget. For web site creation we usually have a flat fees but with different levels of service. From our experience we've seen many customers requiring lots of customized training and approach so we develop our rates consequently. What is absolutely sure is that we'll never provide a low-cost quality website. Your website will always look professional. The only difference in the fees will be the amount of services that surrounds the basic web site design: we can add content for you, develop customized training, provide a full assistance for several months/year, etc.