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Shahid Ali


Shahid has extensive experience in the Oil & Gas tech sector. He has served in several large multinational Companies and has a very good understanding on building and developing technology solutions for any kind of technical requirements.

Shahid holds a Bachelor in Computer Information Systems from Mount Royal University and is keeping ahead with the latest web application, and database technologies. Shahid is specialized in both front-end and back-end frameworks. Additionally, he is specialized in SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle RDBMS technologies.

Bruno Roche

Project Manager

Always up to date with the latest cutting-edge technologies, Bruno is curious and owns the necessary technically skills to provide clients wise advices on their online strategy as well as innovative development for their websites.

Comfortable with his “geek” status, Bruno owns an MSc in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from EM Business school, Lyon, France. After few years improving skills in customer relationship for big guys like Bouygues Telecom (French cell phone carrier) and CGG Veritas (Worldwide leader in geophysical services for Oil & Gas Industry), he can supply quality web and online services at a very affordable rates to Calgary businesses and non-profit.

When he’s not in front of a computer building or fixing websites or playing his favourite game Starcraft II, you’ll probably find him somewhere around the globe, hiking or snowboarding. Native from France, his roots are there and led him to build a secondary office in Paris in 2014.

Salman Saleem

UI/UX Designer & Arts Director

With more than 15 years of experience in different capacity in design industry, Salman bring life into Begin with B’s creative side. From concept to final design his experience includes having expertise in Graphics Design, E-Learning Courses Development, Web & Mobile Application UI/UX design, Web Design, Video Directions and Development.

Saima Safdar

UI/UX Designer

Saima is an ambitious problem solver equipped with skills to see every product as a whole experience.

She has a bachelors in Computer Science and works as our User Experience Engineer and Web Designer. Her skills also extend to Mobile App Development and Graphic Designing.

Aisha Badar

Full Stack Web Developer

With more than 7 years of experience, Aisha is our multi-talented web developer who is always looking for the next big thing to try. She is on constant hunt to apply her technical expertise and creative problem-solving skills in an innovative way. She has expertise in CMS development, PHP, Laravel framework, jQuery, JavaScript, Angular, HTML, CSS and MySQL. Aisha makes sure that all our websites are running smoothly and efficiently.

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Begin with B Inc keeps providing quality web design services to the Calgary community at amazing rates. With our office in France and our consistent growth, we couldn't continue to be as present as we wanted in Calgary for our clients. This is the reason we have now a dedicated Lead Project Manager serving only Calgary area. We welcome Shahid in the team and hope you'll meet him soon enough!
Begin with B Inc has completely revamped its website for the 3rd time to offer a better presentation and best access to its services. Also, this is the year we open up a new office in Paris (Clamart) so we're happy to now be both presents in Canada and in France to better serve our international clients.
Thanks to our strong online presence and our positive customer feedbacks, we are now ranked very first on Google for a few specific keywords like "Calgary Web Design". We would like to thank all the customers for that as this is probably thanks to your websites that we rank so high and that we can continue our development.
Our website needed some revamping. We abandoned our first www.beginwithb.com web design to create a new design based on a Joomla platform, a Content Management System we work a lot with. Customers feedback were positive and our credibility increased thanks to this new design. Marketing is a key!
Clients amount is getting bigger and bigger. End of 2010 and until mid-2011, we've been working for a medium-size company called IVPSC, specialized in immigration visa deliveries for all countries in the world, probably our most important customer of the year. Their technical requirements and their high-traffic website made us raise our development standards and procedures. Thank you IVPSC!
2011 is the year Begin with B became a corporation and was officially renamed Begin with B Inc.
Begin with B really start being known around Calgary area within the Francophone Community. We develop new services like IT support and starts doing some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for our clients. New clients in IT support includes SPEFSA and Alberta Paving, two major francophone charity and business actors in Calgary.
September 2009, Bruno Roche founds Begin with B. This is a small company, he starts as a freelance and broadly uses his francophone network in Calgary, AB to get the first projects. First websites are sold $200 ... Aggressive pricing is a key advantage to tackle a competitive market! The first client of Begin with B Inc is the ACFA Red Deer to develop the website of the Calgary Red Deer Carnaval.  Thank you!

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