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Jul 09, 2014
Posted by Bruno
Ring Central

For those who travel a lot like myself, having a VoIP system is perfect. Your customers and partners can give you a call on a local phone number and it makes your computer/smartphone ring wherever you are in the world as long as you are connected to the Internet (WiFi, Ethernet or 3G/4G). No roaming fees!

Lately, I've tested one of the most popular solution: Ring Central ( Their interface is amazing and the options to transfer, forward or flip a call are just awesome so thumb up. But ... (yeah there's a but) I wanted to write this post because at the time of writing there's a missing feature.

If you have a computer (laptop or desktop) hooked up to the Internet, no issue. They have an application that installs on Windows or Mac OS and works like a breeze. When you got a phone call, you can pick it up easily from your computer as long as you got a mike and a headset. However, they have an app for smartphones (tested on iPhone 4) that do lots of stuff except ... receiving phone calls. This problem only occurs for Canadian number. US ones don't have this problem. So basically, if you have your smartphone connected to the Internet in Australia and someone's calling you on your RingCentral VoIP number you can't pick up the call. It's just not ringing. From your smartphone, you can still however listen to the voicemail that the person trying to reach you left.

Just wanted to clarify this point as I think it was not clear on their website and I had to call the support for this. They told me though they're currently working on this but they don't have an ETA as per the release of this feature. So depending on the date you're reading this post, please double check with them as they might have developed this feature. Otherwise and overall, Ring Central seems to me like a right choice.

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  • Mike Cabatu

    I know this is an older article but does anyone know if you can now have incoming calls on smartphones in Canada using the ringcentral iOS app? For the life of me I can find any of the settings in the app they say to enable.
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Jul 08, 2014
Posted by Bruno

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