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Jan 07, 2015
Posted by Bruno

Let's get straight to the point. The answer will be NO in majority of cases.

Joomla, as any other kind of software (like Windows, Mac OS or Linux) evolves through time and new versions are released on a regular basis by the community. Question is: do you really need to upgrade to a newer version? Basically, if you're happy with your site and you don't plan any upgrade and especially if you don't have a big budget then the new version isn't probably for you.

Yes the official support stopped on December 31 2014 for Joomla 2.5. What does that mean? It just  means that there won't be any other security or stability fix and that third-party developers will be no longer delivering components for this version of Joomla in the future. The latest 2.5 version at the time of writing is the version 2.5.28 and numerous security fix has been released already. If you're running this version, you can then be confident that your website is unlikely to get hacked even if the zero risk situation doesn't exist. If you're not running the 2.5.28 version, please upgrade!

We have numerous clients currently running the even older version of Joomla, the version 1.5 for years without any issues.

Migrating to a newer Joomla version (3.3 at the time of writing) is a complex and expensive process in most cases as some of the core engine functions are not compatible with both versions. You should upgrade your site to a newer Joomla version only:

  • if you have a very specific upgrade/plan to execute on your site like using a component which is only Joomla 3.3 compatible
  • if you have enough budget/time for the migration

Never try to upgrade your Joomla site from 2.5.x to 3.x if you're not a Joomla expert. Chances is that you will only be able to break your website.

In any case, running a regular backup of your site should always be the top priority in your maintenance schedule.

Happy Joomla!

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Dec 12, 2014
Posted by Bruno

The solution below has been tested on Joomla 3.x.

Have you ever experienced the situation when you've worked several days on a Joomla site, then played a bit with the extremely powerful Joomla Access Control List (ACL) and figured out the next time you log in as a super admin you have no longer access to the admin menu or admin menu not showing up?

It's a very unpleasant frustrating situation. After searching forums for hours, here you go, I'll give you the solution!

The reason you're not seeing anything or a blank page in the Joomla admin when logged in as a super user it's because you probably played with the Special access level. To fix this you have no choice but to edit the table prefix_viewlevels on phpmyadmin. Edit the row associated with the ID 3 which should be named "Special" or whatever your renamed it and change the rules so that its value contain at least the number 8 which corresponds to super admin user group.

Your rules value should at least looks like [8], or [6,8] or [6,3,8,5]. Well you get it, number 8 should be included. Save your table, log out from Joomla admin, sign in again as a super admin, you should now enjoy the backend superadmin menus!

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  • Tobi van Helsinki

    Thank you very much! You saved my day.
  • Bart Uelen

    Nice solution. Solved in 3 minutes. Saved me a lot of time. ;-) Maybe I rather NOT touch that Special group again. Thanks!
  • jim pierce

    did what you showed and mine was 6,3,8 so i guess im screwed, any other suggestions?
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